Game Concepts: #1 – Classic Baseball

Amongst other things, I’m going to use this forum to propose ideas I’ve had for video games.  I’ve noticed that most gamers have an idea for a game or two ( has a pair of wonderful articles about them) and in a similar vein, I’m going to discuss my own game concepts.

Polo Grounds

Tagline: Classic Baseball

Game Type: Sports

Platform: Console

Basic idea: Baseball before the modern era.  You’d be able to pick your general timeline (1940’s, 1910’s, etc.) and start an expansion team or take control of a team that existed in that time.  I think an option for an expansion team would be best as there were no teams in the west before the 1950’s and there’s no reason to alienate that whole half of the country if they want to have a hometown team.

You could forgo all of the TV broadcast presentation they put into the modern MLB games and instead just show the action, maybe with radio presenters like they had in the old days.

It could have a challenge mode where you could replay old games and moments from the past (i.e. Ruth calling his shot, Bobby Thompson’s 1951 Home run, Willie Mays’s catch, the Brooklyn Dodgers win their only world series).

Instead of slick graphics displays on the menus, have something a little more primitive, and for other scores from around the league, have them in a newspaper.

Obstacles: I suppose the biggest challenge to this would be the licensing of all the old stadiums, rosters and logos.  It could also be a challenge to get accurate models of what everything looked like as many of the stadiums no longer exist.

You’d also have to be very respectful of minority baseball players and the historical ramifications of that subject.  I think making the default time somewhere after the game had been fully integrated wouldn’t be a bad idea.  As an alternate proposal you could somehow include the Negro Leagues.  For that matter, as cross-gender appeal, the Women’s League from WWII could be included as a bonus feature.

As another alternative, you could have various decades of baseball all throughout the twentieth century.

Concept Art: (stolen from internet sources)


wrigley poster

*This is one of a series of “classic” sports games which I think could be interesting.  I’ll elaborate on others in future posts.


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